Pluto in the 6th House in Medical Astrology

or Ruler of 6th House is Pluto

You may have to struggle to overcome something in order to survive. Because of your experiences you tend to rely on your own resources a good deal and feel the need to be strong and self-sufficient. As a result, the cumulative effects of stress can manifest in conditions that effect the reproductive area, the colon, bladder or lower back and you can also be prone to developing psychological problems, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder. You are more sensitive than you like to think, for you like to show that you are quite driven and ambitious. Because you like to be self-sufficient, you may hide your sensitivity from others. Remember that holding in the effects of stress can make you sick. Pluto’s connection with the 6th house suggests that you may suffer from constipation, haemorrhoids or fertility problems. These conditions can be a signal that you need to address the underlying psychology that is probably contributing to, if not causing, these problems. If not addressed, the on-going build up of toxins in your system, can result in serious diseases. Expressing your emotions, rather than holding them in, will alleviate tension and help to stop these conditions from developing. It is probably a good idea to detoxify your system once in a while and psychotherapy can be beneficial to help you release old patterns. Whatever the healing method, learning to let go will facilitate deep healing, psychologically and physically.

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