Pluto Sun in Medical Astrology

Pluto Conjunct/Hard Sun

You are both strong and also sensitive, yet you tend to hide your sensitivity from others. You can cope with an enormous amount of stress, but actually the effects of stress can build up internally and have a cumulative effect that only becomes apparent at a later time. A range of potential health problems can come your way as a result of stress build-up, so effective management of stress is quite vital for you. Health problems can include thyroid conditions, which could develop because of a lack of iodine, or there may be muscular conditions related to a magnesium deficiency. You could also experience health issues involving the reproductive organs and genetically inherited conditions could also be part of your experience. Mental illnesses such as depression, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, and other similar conditions are also possible, and even life-threatening diseases. It could be that a close family member is the person who encounters some of these problems, rather than yourself, nevertheless these encounters will have a profound effect upon your own psychology. Some of this might sound bleak, but no matter what comes you way in life, you possess a powerful will and a strong determination to overcome any challenges, and that includes serious illness. You are a survivor. You recognise that your attitude goes a long way towards healing. You may be transformed in some way by your experiences and your life can be a series of endings and beginnings. Do not fear this process. Nor should you fear your own powerful psyche, which is capable of incredible achievements. Your strength and your sensitivity can work together. Healing techniques such as psychotherapy and associated treatments can be most beneficial for you.

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