Progressed Moon in Aquarius

moon in aquariusFed up with following the rules? Your own rules, society’s rules, or just the status quo that you’ve been living with for too long? You might start feeling like you’re ready to break something. This may be out of anger, but more than likely it’s simply out of a growing realization that if you can do something different at any moment you choose, then why aren’t you? Sometimes others lay down requirements and expectations for us, whether they’re in authority or we just give them power to do so, but sometimes it’s just us, sleepily following the paved path because that’s the routine. We’re just “going with the program” because that’s what we’ve always done. A certain feeling of detachment may surface, like the feelings of guilt or obligation are getting old and you want to pull away from them and look objectively at why you’re doing what you’ve been doing. You may start to feel free, in a strange way, like you can’t quite remember why you tied yourself up in knots about something that suddenly holds less sway over you. One client of mine found that she simply felt like dropping all the self-censoring behaviors she had been engaging in to fit in and make others feel comfortable.

Many people begin this progression rediscovering old interests and parts of themselves that they left behind, due to situations in life either demanding too much of their time to devote to those interests, such as a new parent being able to start taking more time for themselves as their child gets more autonomous, or perhaps life situations that are restricting, such as a relationship where they gave up too much of themselves to fit with another person. So you may find that old pieces of you begin to resurface, like picking up an old instrument and playing it again or remembering your love of tennis or watching B movies. Whatever it is, this time is about exploring individuality, so if interests or even personality traits come back into your consciousness after being absent for a while, it may be simply because you need to remember yourself again or because something about the old you needs to be part of the new you.

While the symbol for Aquarius is the water-bearer, many people tend to think of Aquarius as the sign of the rebel. The rebel’s fuel lies in dissent, opposition, and chaos. This is not the heart of Aquarius, although it can be a byproduct. During this progression, you may find yourself feeling feisty or uncooperative if you have some imbalances to correct in your life when it comes to your right to personal freedom and making your own choices, but the higher road for Aquarius isn’t actually a road at all; it’s a path that you must beat all on your own guided by your internal compass. You’re charged with separating the roles you’ve been playing from your true essence. What makes you You? You may start out during this progression not knowing, or thinking you know but realizing there’s more to you than some people expected. Does your life reflect who you are? If not, you’re challenged to change it, which can be easier said than done. Sometimes when we make our own choices, we break the hearts of those who hoped we would do otherwise. But it’s not about breaking hearts as much as breaking patterns. The rebel breaks the rules. But the water-bearer bears its own life.

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