Progressed Moon in Capricorn

moonincapricorn-jpgAfter the open-ended freedom of the past couple of years, the first thing you might notice as you enter Capricorn is an increasing sense of constraint. The restlessness that made you excited and enthusiastic to start another day of possibilities may feel irritating now, and the idea of hundreds of possibilities can leave you feeling overwhelmed rather than overjoyed. However, the open playing field of Sagittarius is now starting to have some fences built around its edges, and when restlessness is contained it starts to look more like ambition, drive, and focus. Depending on your natal Moon’s location, this may feel restraining or actually quite refreshing as you are invited to “get down to business.”

As you shift into Capricorn, pressure may start to build and weigh a bit on your heart. Internally, you may recognize it as a feeling of something you want to get on with, that you need something to sink your teeth into. Some people may find external influences arising that correspond with the emotional shift, such as situations arising in their lives that require more responsibility. This could be a promotion at a job or children entering our lives or needing more attention. These external circumstances, whether they are planned and hoped for, or whether they are unexpected developments, all tend to have one thing in common: they ask us to shoulder more burdens. Depending on your natal Moon position, it may seem like the Universe is saying that the party is over, and perhaps a sense of being carefree needs to fade for now, but this doesn’t have to feel like an anchor around your neck, just something bringing you down to earth.

The Capricorn progression is about learning the benefits of postponing temporary satisfaction for the reward of long-term accomplishments. This often has to be done by reining in the whims of our moods to continue the work even when we sometimes don’t feel like it. This can be taken too far, of course, and we’re talking about the Moon, so it’s important to be sure that what you are trying to accomplish is in line with what your heart wants. Sometimes we can get ourselves so wrapped up in getting to the finish line that we can forget why we wanted something in the first place. While that can be a temporary occurrence, if ignoring your emotions in order to keep on track with your agenda becomes a way of life, you’ve missed the point. Whims may be brushed aside or postponed, but frequent and recurrent moods can be an important clue that something is not right. Your heart wants you to feel empowered and proud of yourself, but if you don’t give yourself any breaks or don’t allow yourself to check in to make sure you still want what you thought you did, then you won’t be feeling anything at all.

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