Progressed Moon in Sagittarius

mooninsagittarius-jpgSagittarius is the archer, shooting the arrow into the heavens. The desire to soar high and far is beginning to fill your heart as your progressed Moon enters Sagittarius. After the heaviness of the Scorpio progression, your heart feels increasingly lighter now and while you probably did important and transformative work during Scorpio, this energy shift may be quite welcome.

A sense of expanding and awakening will start to come over you. Ideas start to stir in your head; possibilities come into view. For some, this progression begins with events in their life that spark a chance to be free, such as the ending of a situation that may have been emotionally difficult or limiting, or opportunities presenting themselves that were not there a month or two ago. The side effects of the Scorpio progression may have left you more deeply in tune with yourself and also perhaps cleared the way for this freedom to commence, but also may have left you a little raw or cynical. It’s time to let your enthusiasm grow, without wariness or containment, and remember that life can be good and even fun again!

While I don’t encourage actually saying yes to everything, the purpose of a Sagittarius progression is to open in this way, to invite possibility and fresh air into your heart and life. The Sagittarius progression is about embracing the energy of a seeker. Like the other signs in the family of the fire element, a fire begins to burn in you: a fire of possibility, vision, and growth. It is time for you to open yourself up to experience. What do you know? What do you believe? Are you ready to move beyond what you know in to new territory? It is also a time to tune into potential: the potential that each new day brings for adventure and change, and the potential that lies within you. What are you capable of and do you believe in that potential? You need to put it to the test to see. A Sagittarius progression is a time for renewing your relationship with hope and optimism, to actively pursue the things you want, and say yes to things. Embrace an attitude of experimentation, whether it’s little things like changes to your routine or big things like new job opportunities or even a change in relationship or residence. Shake it up and see where it lands!

Read complete description in Astrology of the Moon by Amy Herring

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