Progressed Moon in Scorpio

mooninscorpio-jpgOne of the most noticeable shifts from a Libra progression to a Scorpio progression is a diminishing of the urge for social interaction. Whether you are someone who is always out with a different friend or someone who likes to hang out on your own anyway, you will notice a desire for less social interaction. There is something pulling you inward and downward. Metaphors such as going into a cave or being submerged under water are fitting.

A sense of increasing emotional activity arises as well, like something inside of you is churning around, but a conscious awareness or ability to describe what you are feeling may be more elusive. “Something’s up with me” may be about as specific as you can get sometimes, although if you are also experiencing a progressed Moon in the third-house period or a connection with Mercury, you may have an easier time in communicating what’s going on inside of you. Even so, silence and isolation may have more appeal as you draw deeper into yourself.

When things are going our way and we are on top of the world, that can be very empowering. But it is the times that are the hardest, where we are stripped of our safety nets, our comforts, and our certainties that our real strength can be uncovered. This is what happens when we face our fears, either by experiencing them, as in what happens when we hit rock bottom and have nowhere to go but up, or by simply facing the possibility of experiencing what we most fear, as in waiting for the other shoe to drop in a tense situation. The Scorpio progression is not about experiencing dark or painful things, but about how we are changed when we are free of our fears, and sometimes the only way to be free of our fears is actually to experience what we are afraid of and survive it.

Read complete description in Astrology of the Moon by Amy Herring

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