Progressed Moon in Virgo

moon in virgoAs is typically the case with moving from the fire element to the earth element, after the expansive energy of Leo, you’re ready to coalesce again and “come down to earth” A desire to get organized or get a plan in motion may be brewing as you begin this progression. Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, and while Mercury represents the mind, it also represents the winged feet of the god Hermes (the Greek equivalent of the Roman Mercury). Make some lists and check them twice, because you’re about to get busy and will probably get more done during this progression than you have in any other so far!

Feelings of insecurity can go hand in hand with this anxiety, as you become aware of all the many things that are wrong with you, or not good enough. A few of my clients have experienced external events or setbacks that seem to take their self-confidence down a notch, but most of the time, we don’t seem to need help putting ourselves under the microscope and accessing humility as the Virgo progression gets underway. Perhaps you fear that you don’t have what it takes to meet the challenges that you are now worrying about, or perhaps your awareness is focused on all the ways in which you feel you are lacking. This can be a tough progression for your self-esteem, so it’s a good thing you got juiced up during Leo. The point is not mindless worry and an inferiority complex, as we’ll soon see, but your focus on flaws does get sharper now, whether it’s flaws around you or inside of you, and that simply tells you that it’s time to do something about them.

As you enter a Virgo progression, you have reached one of several points in your emotional evolution where you are hungering to become what you could be. To do that, Things Need To Be Fixed Up Around Here. The worry and the focus on the flaws in yourself or your situation provide the necessary impetus for you to do some realistic self-analysis; to see what you need to work on, what stands in your way between where you are and where you want to be. The symbol of the Virgo woman is often seen carrying a sheaf of wheat, which reminds us that Virgo wants to bear “fruit,” to be of service in a real and practical way that makes a measurable difference in the lives of herself and others. Your highest task during this progression is to think of yourself as raw material, ready to be shaped through effort and acquiring skills necessary to make a real contribution.

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