Ruler of 6th House is Sun in Medical Astrology

You are probably quite conscious of the importance of maintaining a healthy body and eating well. By paying attention to your health and diet, and by managing stress, you will be able effectively deal with any potential constitutional weakness. Health and healing could play a major role in your life. You may develop a specific interest in healing, or could be employed in this area. You will probably find that a large part of your life is spent focussing on health, work and your various daily responsibilities. Be aware that prolonged stress and bad dietary habits can lead to high blood pressure. Areas you should take special care with include your cardio-vascular and circulatory systems, your heart, your back and spine. Since your self-identity is largely determined by your work and being active, make sure that you make time to relax and take pleasure in what you are doing. Ensure you get plenty of Iodine and Magnesium in your diet as well as Vitamins A and D, especially during times of stress.

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