Sagittarius Sun Cancer Rising


Sagittarius’ downwind perceptiveness blends terrifically with Cautious Cancer’s feel-your-way-along. These folks have a graceful gentility about them that’s simply awesome, and an uncanny ability to merge their perceived understanding with their subconscious “women’s intuition” to come up with the most helpful insights about people and things. And there are other Sagittarius qualities that blend well with Cancer’s emotion. For instance, Sagittarius’ “straight as an arrow” approach is appealingly tempered by Cancer’s cagey wiles, creating a bit more caution and a lot less impetuosity. Where some Sagittarians put their foot in their mouth, these Sagittarians benefit from Cancer’s prudence. Where some Sagittarians want to frolic and play, unwilling to buckle down, these Sagittarians are the willing worker; they’re not only lucky, they’re happy to do even more than their fair share—Cancer’s diligence blends superbly with Sagittarius’ zip zip “flick of the wrist” expedience. And where some Sagittarians succumb to arrogance, these people understand that the climb up the corporate ladder starts with the bottom rung. But it’s important that they learn to say what they mean and mean what they say. Pretentious insincerity is all too easy for their “la-tee-da” Cancer personality. Saying things in an affected or facetious way is their favorite unattractive behavior, so they need to remember that pretentiousness is unkind no matter how it’s worn. Otherwise, these Sagittarians are genuine treasures. After all, if insincerity is your greatest sin, what’s not to forgive?


With a Sagittarius sun sign, Cancer’s highly developed sense of nostalgia often manifests itself in an interest in history, perhaps the history of religions or the history of faraway, exotic kingdoms. They might also be interested in tracing their genealogy. But they inherently know that caring for living things is life’s highest calling. It’s their green-leaf understanding of life that makes them so beloved.

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