Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising


Even when they’re big and round with a Jolly Old King Cole demeanor, these people trot on the balls of their feet! It’s nearly impossible for these “saddle up” folks to hold their horses, even when they hear a chorus of “whoa, Nelly!” from the peanut gallery. Anyone who’s willing to love these Sagittarius smiley faces, while allowing them all the freedom they crave in life, will be loved right back in the most delightful ways.

Double Sagittarians are double Pied Pipers, always ready to follow their inspirations and to inspire others to go along with the plan. With vivid dreams and a love of the outdoors, these Sagittarians are light and lively, with the best attitude in the room. They’ve a downwind scent for danger, and with nimble agility they sidestep problems and bound on downrange unscathed. Where some people run and hide, or attempt to fight fire with fire, double Sagittarians find the silver lining, turn on the charm, and go with the flow. They’ve learned that it’s hard to argue with someone who radiates felicity and refuses to frown. Sometimes they’ve a redness to the hair or skin, with a smiley-faced, long-legged I Love Lucy demeanor, but with Sagittarius’ propensity for a sweet tooth, big, round, and jovial Sagittarians are not uncommon. Either way, their wacky Happy-Go-Lucky enthusiasm inspires a successful outcome.

However, Sagittarians with Sagittarius rising usually need to slow down, look before they leap, and avoid arrogance at every turn. Hopefully they learn that holier-than-thou behavior simply leaves missed opportunities and bad impressions. Their good luck and optimism should engender benevolent deeds rather than arrogant attitudes. But coming out on top time and time again, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, can over-inflate almost anyone, and these Sagittarians are no exception. [..]

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