Saturn Conjunct Ascendant in Medical Astrology

or Saturn in 1st House

You take your responsibilities very seriously. Because you tend to take on a high workload you can over tax your system, especially if you are undertaking tasks out of a sense of obligation. For this reason, you can be prone to problems with the joints, teeth or skin. Check to see if you have sufficient calcium and that this mineral is operating effectively in your body. Supplements of Vitamin D, Calcium and Vitamin C may be necessary at times, to ensure that your system is operating well. Vitamin C will also help stave off colds and flu.

Because of your serious outlook, you may experience fears or phobias from time to time, or maybe a physical condition that limits you in some way. You take responsibilities in your stride, but working too hard or thinking that you alone should be shouldering the load, can lead you to suffer a range of problems such arthritis, depression or anxiety. The gall bladder and spleen are other areas that may become affected by stress.

Try to schedule time for fun. Learn to relax and laugh more. Try not to take yourself and the world too seriously. Learn to say no, especially when you feel over-burdened. It is probably a good idea to get ample sunshine, for you can be prone to seasonal depression in winter months.

Your health and wellbeing benefit enormously when you make the time for your own personal needs and pleasures. This is your responsibility too.

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