Saturn Hard Ascendant in Medical Astrology

Ruler of Ascendant Hard Saturn
Ruler of Ascendant Conjunct Saturn

It is important that you have a goal or ambition in life and are able to express yourself by working towards attaining achievement. If you are thwarted in attaining your ambitions you can become discouraged, depressed, frustrated or angry. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”, is a good motto for you to follow. Sometimes you give up through lack of confidence and sometimes you spend too much time and energy doing what you think is expected of you.

Once you have hit upon a plan, start to work towards it in a methodical way and you will eventually achieve lasting results. Feelings of depression, frustration or anger are best channelled into helping others, or taking time out to consider fresh alternatives. You can sometimes be too focussed on getting where you want to be in your professional life and can overlook your personal life and other needs. You take your responsibilities too seriously at times. Spend more time just relaxing and enjoying yourself. Try to get enough sunshine, Vitamin D, Calcium and Vitamin C.

Bones, teeth and joints can be under stress with Saturn here. Arthritis, skin conditions and problems such as osteoporosis are possible. Chiropractic care may be helpful. These conditions can be a signal that you need to work through some fears you may have. Phobias or fears can block spontaneous expression, which can impact on your health. You may need to learn that laughter and fun are just as important as your responsibilities.

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