Saturn in the 6th House in Medical Astrology

or Ruler of 6th House is Saturn

Work stress and health worries can be an area of concern for you and you may dwell on these matters too intently. You tend to soldier on with your responsibilities when you are not well, which can turn minor medical problems into chronic conditions. As an employee, you are highly responsible and because you do not mind taking on tasks, you might discover that you end up with a burdensome workload. This is not always the best way to win the respect of superiors. As you go about your work in a methodical way you probably don’t feel the need to blow your own trumpet, still you would like to be recognised for your efforts. Measure your duties against your market value now and then. You might prefer to establish your own business, as you are not afraid of hard work. But when you are not well, learn to let go the reins and rest. Try to relax and worry less. You may experience dental problems, arthritis, knee problems, or back problems. Health concerns with gall bladder, spleen, skin, and joints can also be exacerbated by your tendency to take on too many responsibilities, especially at work. Day-to-day stress may require regular chiropractic care. It is important that you look after your back, joints and teeth. Although you may be prone to experience chronic conditions, your overall constitution is very strong. You are a hard worker and take your responsibilities seriously, but try to lighten up now and then and make sure that you enjoy what you are doing too.

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