Saturn Sun in Medical Astrology

Saturn Conjunct/Hard Sun

You take your responsibilities very seriously. Because of this tendency, you tend to worry and this can result in a range of stress related problems including bouts of depression. Try to laugh more and just enjoy living without worry or fear. Balance your responsibilities and capacity for hard work by scheduling time for your personal life and needs.

Your bones, teeth and joints can feel the effects of stress. Calcium, Fluorine, PABA, Sulphur, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Vitamin P are important to include in your diet. Arthritis or poor calcium assimilation and skin conditions such as psoriasis can develop. Fear can play an important role in health too. You may experience certain phobias or fears that can block spontaneous expression, and which can impact on your health. Broken bones, and conditions such as osteoporosis are also possible. Regular chiropractic care and exercise may be of particular help to you. Slow metabolism or problems with the spleen or gall bladder are another area that can be affected. Vitamin D and calcium work together, so try to ensure you get enough of sunshine. Singing is an activity that can have enormous benefit to your soul.

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