Scorpio Sun Libra Rising


Now here’s someone who would love to know your business. These people welcome the opportunity to help others solve their problems, and they’re indispensable to their friends as insightful sounding boards. Perceptive and investigative, with a wonderful ability to put themselves in the other person’s shoes, these Scorpios are usually obliging, sociable people, superb at ingratiating themselves with people for fun and profit. More than most other Scorpio types, they enjoy the company of others; Scorpios sometimes desire isolation, but that’s rarely the case here. Not that they don’t have their Scorpio secrets—but these Scorpios know just what to reveal and when to reveal it in order to build bridges of trust and good rapport with friends and associates. People quickly learn that Scorpios with diplomatic, obliging, Likable Libra rising have valuable insights to offer and aren’t necessarily averse to sharing them; so they gather around, hoping for a tidbit, and it isn’t long before their undivided attention is rewarded with the inside information they were looking for. At their best, Scorpios born pre-dawn are determined, generous, and typically more secure than some other Scorpios because they’re more aware of what everyone else is up to. And their fair-minded willingness to please usually brings a happy ending with a good, firm handshake.


The key here is wisely chosen associations and compatible relationships. With Libra involved, there’s always a danger of “I don’t wanna be alone” tendencies leading these Scorpios into incompatible situations just to avoid feeling lonely. They usually know who they’re getting involved with, but if they slip up, it may take them forever to extricate themselves; they sometimes stay put long after the love and respect have left, trying to salvage what’s innately flawed. It’s very costly in time and energy. They need to lighten up and move along in these circumstances. So for associations that begin with promise but for some reason go south, the best strategy is to just let them go, break loose of any negativity, and move on to greener pastures. For these incomparably likable Scorpios, there’s never a lack of new—and legitimate—associates eager to extend their friendship.

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