Sun in 1st House in Medical Astrology

You were born just before sunrise, when the rays of the Sun emerge from the night. This first ray of morning light corresponds with strong stores of energy and vitality that you can call upon when needed.

You have a strong personality. Your energy and vitality are generally very good and you are usually full of dynamic enthusiasm. You probably do not get sick very often, but when you do, you recover your energy very quickly. You are sometimes inclined to think you are invincible, so be wary of taking too many risks or over-estimating your physical abilities. Even with a powerful Sun position such as this, you are still human.

You are enthusiastic and direct in your manner of expression, have a powerful ego and you like to win, which means that you can come across to others as self-centred at times. As you mature, you will recognise that winning is not everything. Your passions are strong, but as you move through life, you will learn to accept that other people are equally important to you and you will come to value them more.

Because you like to express yourself creatively and you probably have leadership skills, try to channel your enthusiasm and energy into issues that really matter.

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