Sun in Aquarius in Medical Astrology

Part of you needs to fit in with your community, your friends, or peer group and another part of you is highly individualistic and creative. You may be a maverick who prefers to stand apart from the mainstream. One of your challenges is to find your true identity and niche in life. You are highly original and you will learn to be comfortable in your uniqueness as you develop.

You can be prone to fluctuating energy levels at times. You may experience highly energetic phases and times when you feel depressed or low. Your erratic energy can also mean that you focus too much attention on the future and not enough on the present. Though you are highly inventive you can tend to rush and overlook important matters that are right under your nose. This can include your own physical wellbeing. Do not ignore symptoms when they occur, be they mental, emotional or physical.

Sometimes you try to fit into situations where you don’t feel exactly comfortable. Stress, when it occurs, can manifest as circulation problems, heart palpitations, headaches, migraines, unusual diseases and conditions and also burnout or fatigue. As you learn to put yourself at the centre of things and honour your own uniqueness you will develop your own individual lifestyle and learn to balance these fluctuating extremes. If prone to depression from time to time, getting in touch with nature and animals will help, as will being in the sunshine, especially in winter months.

You may dislike being on your own and at other times you really crave your own space. You may need others to help you understand yourself. We all have to be on our own sometimes, and you might find over time that you learn more about yourself during times of inner reflection spent alone. Meditation can facilitate deep healing and help to reduce stress. Activities that help to ground you, such as gardening, can be highly beneficial as you sometimes live in the clouds. When tired, get enough rest. When feeling active, team sports are a good outlet for you. Most importantly, find a way to express your unique creativity.

Aromatherapy oils that you can use to treat stress and anxiety include: Bergamot, Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Geranium and Peppermint and to enhance confidence try Vetiver, Frankincense or Cedarwood.

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