Sun in Cancer in Medical Astrology

You are a sensitive and highly imaginative soul. Because you have a high level of intuition, it can be sometimes tricky for others to understand you or to see things as you do. You are good at expressing your feelings and imagination, but perhaps not so good at articulating your needs. You will learn to feel comfortable and more confident in expressing yourself as you mature. Home and family are important to you so any lack of emotional or family support you experience may have a profound effect on your confidence. Do not fear the future, nor try to live in the past.

At times of stress you like to retreat into your shell and hide from the world. You may be prone to health problems such as stomach upsets, fluid retention and chemical sensitivities, particularly when you feel unsupported or emotionally vulnerable. Parts of the body that can feel the effects of stress are breasts, stomach, digestive organs, ribs and diaphragm.

Comfort eating is something you may need to watch for. You are a caring and loving person and yet nurturing others and yourself can be difficult for you at times. Sometimes you can be too focussed on giving to others or, on having your own needs met. Try to find a balance between giving and receiving.

When under emotional stress you can reach for food. Prolonged stress can manifest in eating disorders that are linked to emotional issues. Nutrition and diet are very important factors in maintaining your health and vitality. As you learn more about yourself, you will be able to express your feelings with more ease. You will come to feel comfortable with your sensitivity and shyness, learning to honour your inner child. You will come to rely more on your radar-like intuition and recognise that you possess special and unique gifts as your confidence grows.

It is important that you nurture yourself regularly and listen to your intuition. You may have trouble in standing up for yourself and the idea of confrontation can make you run a mile. This fear can make you resort to manipulation or emotional bribes, which others may resent. Writing may provide an outlet when direct confrontation seems beyond you. Get plenty of rest when you are tired. Soak in a bath from time to time with some soothing oils such as Bergamot, Lavender, Cedarwood or Sandalwood, which will strengthen your resolve and soothe anxiety. For indigestion try a massage or inhalation of Basil, Fennel, Peppermint, or Marjoram oils.

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