Sun in Leo in Medical Astrology

You are an energetic, creative and confident person who is enthusiastic and optimistic about life. It is important that you have an outlet for your creativity. You have a strong sense of your personal identity and ego as well as a robust physical constitution. You do not often become sick, but you can push yourself too hard and think you are invincible. You might need to learn to lessen the pace of living, particularly as you get older, and especially if you think that you are immune to ageing. Try to keep active, as you can sometimes be lazy, but overall you have a vibrant energy.

When you feel stressed you may experience back problems, heart palpitations, circulation problems, chronic fatigue or cardiovascular problems. Fertility problems can also be an area of concern for you. Most of these problems can be reduced by minimising stress. Try to limit your intake of spicy foods, minimise alcohol consumption, and avoid too many late nights. In winter try to get extra vitamin D as you can be prone to seasonal depression. Aromatherapy oils and herbs that can aid circulation include: Bergamot, Cedarwood, Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Sage, Sandalwood and Tea Tree.

Although you are a natural leader, one of your lessons is to let others have the spotlight once in a while. You do not need to be constantly at the centre of things, though you may feel that you do. You are loyal and supportive of others as well as being a leader. As you mature and move through life, you will come to understand that you can shine and be rewarded without having to be at the centre of things. You are naturally creative and it is important for you to have an outlet for self-expression, this might be expressed as a strong desire to have children. Try not to force your offspring into activities that you think will be good for them, nor try to live their lives for them. You are naturally generous and loving. Your children will return your generosity with interest.

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