Sun in Libra in Medical Astrology

You have a strong need for harmony and peace and you possess excellent diplomatic and social skills, which you use to establish and maintain harmonious relationships. At the same time you are a dynamic and driven person and therein lies a conflict that you can find a difficult balancing act. For how does one go about expressing oneself and one’s desires, but at the same time allow others to have their way, whilst keeping the peace and maintaining harmonious ties? Consequently you may feel an inner tension that is not obvious to others. On the surface everything seems peaceful and wonderful, but underneath you can sometimes be a mass of contradictions that produce their own brand of stress. Relationships are often a source of stress for you, which can manifest in a range of disorders including: skin problems, eyestrain, urinary tract infections, kidney infections and headaches. Soaking in a bath with added oils of Juniper, Tea Tree and Sandalwood can aid in treating cystitis, which is a condition to which you are sometimes prone. For relaxation try Bergamot, Lavender or Geranium.

You might need to learn to express your own needs more directly. You will find this easier to do as you get to know yourself. Being fair to others is high on your agenda, but sometimes this means that you have trouble easily expressing your needs and can appear to be manipulative, which can create more problems than it solves. As you get to know yourself you will find that making decisions and being direct will become less difficult. You will learn to be fair on yourself too. Though a challenge, you perhaps need to develop the ability to spend time alone. You are motivated by others, but can struggle when there is nobody around to inspire or challenge you. You could benefit from trying yoga, or perhaps regular walking, or other activities that give you some time alone with yourself.

During periods of stress you can feel pulled in many directions by your own desires, your commitments and your relationships. Over time you will stop trying to please everybody else and be able to balance your desires and your relationships. It will become easier to simply state your position. Consequently, you will discover that your health will improve because stress will impact less. Avoiding confrontation and trying to keep the peace at all costs can sometimes be counter-productive and even make matters worse. It is okay to say no.

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