Sun in Medical Astrology

The Sun plays a vital role in matters of health. The Sun governs physical stamina and vitality. We get Vitamin D directly from the Sun, and a lack of exposure to sunshine can lead to a host of illnesses including seasonal depression, especially for those who live in extreme latitudes.

The Sun sign will often describe our manner of self-expression. It can also reveal information about our physical type and the kinds of ailments that can affect us, including parts of the body that are affected by stress and genetically inherited conditions.

The Sun sign represents the essence of who we are. It is largely associated with our sense of identity. As we move through life and learn more about ourselves, we tend to become more like our Sun sign.

Early in life, the Sun sign is more likely to express itself as ego. Later in life, as we come to know ourselves, our self-expression becomes more developed. Jung’s concept of the ‘Self’ is also associated with the Sun sign, which begins to emerge as we develop and mature. As we move through life, we move away from purely ego expression, towards a more comprehensive style of self-expression.

Stress can manifest according to the sign in which the Sun is placed and this can affect our wellbeing and health. For example, when our ego expression is thwarted, if we lack confidence, or are fearful about expressing ourselves.

As we get to know ourselves and develop more fully, we become more conscious and aware, so our Sun sign shines ever more brightly.

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