Sun in Sagittarius in Medical Astrology

You are an outgoing and optimistic individual who enjoys adventure. It is important for you to seek ways to make life interesting and meaningful. You probably dislike being stuck in one place, or having to deal with routine and details. You may feel the need to escape, which can manifest as indulgence in alcohol, or other excesses, or in a restless desire to be constantly on the go. Parts of your body that can feel the effects of stress include: the liver, thighs, skin, sacrum, hips and sciatic nerve. To soothe feelings of impatience, try Lavender, Rose and Neroli essential oils.

You have a youthful attitude and good vitality, but problems can arise from too much of a good thing. Over indulgence may lead to liver complaints over time. It is important for you to take a regular holiday and to spend time outdoors. Being involved in activities such as horse riding, or adventure trekking, can help to express your restless spirit, but more importantly, learn to enjoy each moment wherever you are and whatever you are doing. This may involve developing a sense of meaning and purpose that will guide you towards spiritual contentment.

As you mature, you will find that your total lifestyle needs to reflect your inner spirituality, not just during holidays, or when you can get away from it all, but each day. You have a joyful, youthful attitude to life, but you can become despondent if you feel that you are trapped or limited by circumstances. If you feel stressed by taking on responsibilities, or attending to details or practical matters, it is not really these issues per se, that are underlying your unease. You will discover that contentment comes from within, not from without. With the Sun in Sagittarius you love to travel and explore. If you suffer from jet lag, try using the essential oils: Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Peppermint, Rosemary or Lavender.

As you begin to identify with your purpose, you will find that you will be able to retain your youthful exuberance and at the same time accept your adult responsibilities. The eternal optimist, you will probably retain your youthful happy-go-lucky attitude throughout life, even if you do have slow down a little as you get older.

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