Sun in Scorpio in Medical Astrology

You sometimes live with a fair amount of stress and tension and even seem to enjoy it! You are a passionate and intense person. So long as you are in control, you feel that everything is okay and you can cope with life’s ups and downs. But as you journey through life you will discover that being in control is really an illusion. Money worries may also be a source of stress. Problems that can develop as a result of stress include: possible sexual issues, reproductive problems, fertility issues, emotional problems, constipation or lower back problems.

Therapies suitable for these problems are those that help you to let go and relax. By expressing your emotions, for example, just crying and laughing, you feel a sense of release that is also very healing. Acknowledging your feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability may be the first step towards a more open and relaxed approach to living. Learn to relax; try meditation, massage, or yoga. Psychotherapy can also be useful for releasing longer-term issues. To disperse feelings of grief try Rose or Marjoram essential oils.

As you learn more about yourself you will stop trying to control everything and everyone. You possess a deep understanding of the complexities of life and you may experience your fair share of grief. Your journey through life may be interspersed by a series of endings and beginnings. Do not fear this process. You have the resources to adapt to whatever life throws at you. You are a survivor. As you mature you will also learn not to fear your own powerful psyche. You are both sensitive and strong.

Try not to hold onto resentment, nor dwell on past hurts. You have a unique gift for healing and understanding that may develop into an interest in psychology or related fields. To feel totally comfortable with yourself, learn to experience close emotional ties without trying to control others. Profound healing takes place as you learn to let go and experience true intimacy without fear. You can enhance the mood for sexual intimacy with aphrodisiac aromatherapy oils such as: Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Bergamot.

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