Sun in Taurus in Medical Astrology

You have a high degree of resilience and determination. You are firmly grounded, very practical and tend to have a measured energy that is slow and steady. You probably do not get ill very often. When stress manifests in ill health it has generally been building up over a long period. You tend to soldier on when you are feeling unwell. Adopting a more flexible attitude and learning to cope with change, will minimise the effects of stress. You may be prone to experience tension in the jaw and neck and you can be inclined to consume too much rich food that has a high fat and sugar content. You can be prone to weight gain and a range of associated health problems such as diabetes. Other parts of the body that can be affected by ill health include: the throat area, neck, thyroid gland, tonsils and vocal chords.

Early in life you may develop a strong set of values, but when taken to extremes this can make you somewhat judgemental and inflexible. You cope well with practical matters, but may not cope at all well with change. You might feel that you have to be strong, or that you have to see things through, no matter what. At times you can be overly focussed on money, income and possessions. This might be because you had limited resources early in life. You are a tactile person who will benefit enormously from a regular massage. For relaxation try Sandalwood, Clary Sage, or Lavender essential oils. If you ever feel jealous or envious, Rose, Thyme or Juniper oils can restore balance.

You will develop your own set of values that are both practical and have a deeper beauty and importance. Expressing yourself artistically will also prove therapeutic. It can be difficult for you to accept alternative points of view, but your health will be improved by trying to remain flexible. From time to time you will benefit by reviewing your priorities, so try to keep an open mind about other people’s values.

You can find a deep sense of fulfilment by giving to those less fortunate than yourself and by finding value in pleasures beyond the sensual and material. You will discover joy in giving, which will be highly rewarding and fill you with a sense of wellbeing. As you learn not to rush to judge others until you have walked in their shoes, you can make truly worthwhile and practical differences to the wellbeing of others.

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