Sun in the 10th House in Medical Astrology

Your sense of identity comes largely from being able to determine and implement your own plans and ambitions. You are self-motivated and tend to feel comfortable in the spotlight, or in positions of authority. You are probably adept in business and career matters and focussed on attaining success in your chosen field.

You were born at the time of the day when the Sun is reaching its most powerful position in the sky. This means you are driven to attain goals and put your personal stamp on all that you do. You strive to achieve and attain recognition. Your vitality is good and you are most likely highly conscious of what you are doing as you go about getting to where you want to be in life. You set high standards for yourself.

Your focus can sometimes be too intent in this one area, and you may need to learn to pay more attention to other areas of life from time to time, in order to experience the totally of living. Doing so will minimise the impact of stress.

Since your identity is strongly linked to what you do professionally, any hiccups on the path to success can affect you quite profoundly. It is important to also make time for pleasurable activities, such as spending time with friends and family, enjoying recreation, sport or games, and personal relationships.

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