Sun in the 11th House in Medical Astrology

As you journey through life, your sense of identity is forged by your experiences and the events and circumstances in which you find yourself. These myriad experiences and your interaction with friends and the wider community shape your destiny and help you to get to know yourself as you develop.

You are born at mid-morning. This is a time of day when there can be a keen interest in the future of the society in which you live. While you are in one sense ambitious and may aspire towards a personal goal, it is equally important that you maintain a sense of brotherhood, for you do not like going it alone. At times your focus can easily shift towards alternative possibilities and you can become distracted.

Sometimes you can overlook important matters that are right under your nose. This can also include your physical wellbeing. You can be prone to extreme fluctuations of energy. Do not ignore any symptoms of imbalance, be they mental, emotional or physical.

You can be pulled in many directions as you explore the variety in the world around you. Over time you will discover how to put yourself at the centre of things and honour your own uniqueness, while also honouring your friends and playing a role in society. You will develop your own personal lifestyle and values. More than anything else, finding your niche will bring all your many talents together and reduce the impact of stress. Your true identity will emerge as you mature.

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