Sun in the 12th House in Medical Astrology

On occasion you feel a deep sense of personal inadequacy and uncertainty about yourself. This can lead you to try to forge an identity with gusto. Or it may be that you have enormous enthusiasm and powerful energy reserves coupled by a paradoxical naivety. You can be full of contradictions.

You were born just after sunrise and the powers of the Sun are strong in the first hours of the new day. You have a great deal of potential, but may not be exactly sure how to express yourself, especially in your youth.

The Sun has just emerged from its long sojourn under the horizon. At sunrise, there is a freshness and newness to the solar energy, which expresses itself with innocence, but with a great deal of power. As you try to discover and express your identity, you tend to thrust forward your ego in your youth, but because you are unsure of yourself, and lack experience, it may take you some time to develop a true sense of yourself.

Many of these contradictions will disappear as your consciousness develops and matures. You will begin to understand yourself more fully and discover ways to stay tuned into yourself, give to others selflessly, and forge connections with the wider world, all of which are important to your overall wellbeing.

It is important that you develop a personal life philosophy that gives you a sense of purpose and self-understanding, which will allow you to make your way in the world. Psychotherapy may also prove useful to help you develop self-awareness. These are two ways that can alleviate any tendency to escape back into the unconscious, via destructive habits that can impact on your health. As you come you know yourself better, you will be able to capitalise on your enormous potential.

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