Sun in the 2nd House in Medical Astrology

You have a high degree of resilience and determination. You have strong values that underpin all that you do. When you are in situations that are contrary to these values, your sense of identity and self-esteem can suffer and you can begin to feel compromised and powerless.

It is therefore important that your activities are in keeping with your values, for this will bring a higher degree of self-esteem. How you earn your income is an important consideration. You will feel better about yourself, for example, if you were to establish your own business, rather than compromising your values by working for someone else who does not share them.

You might not be very comfortable in the spotlight. You are probably happier establishing yourself in a niche area, where you can work slowly to build something lasting over time.

When stress manifests in ill health, it has generally been building up for a while. You may be prone to experience tension in the jaw and neck and thyroid problems are possible. You might have a sweet tooth, so try to limit sugar intake or replace it with honey, which is a healthier option.

It is important that you develop your own set of values and express yourself creatively. You may be gifted in the arts. Expressing your creative side will alleviate stress and bring healing and a sense of wellbeing.

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