Sun in the 3rd House in Medical Astrology

Highly strung, you thrive on nervous energy and are highly adaptable. It is important for you to have your opinions listened to as your sense of identity comes from expressing your ideas. Stress comes from boredom and not being given an opportunity to have your say. You are curious and interested in people and the world around you and you enjoy learning.

It is easy for you to tackle many projects simultaneously, but equally important that you listen to your body when it tells you something is up. You sometimes tend to ignore physical symptoms and your emotional wellbeing. It is necessary for you to learn that your body and emotions are just as important as your mind, ideas and mental attitude.

Respiratory problems can result if you think that you are not being given an opportunity to be heard, but can also result when you have emotions that are trapped inside you, that you have trouble acknowledging. You are adaptable though, and will probably keep learning and stay mentally active throughout life.

As you get to know yourself over time, you will find that your communication skills will become more refined. You might be good at writing. By getting in touch with your feelings, many stress reactions will be minimised, or even disappear. Get enough rest when you are tired, that includes switching off your active mind. For exercise try yoga or Tai Chi, or perhaps regular walking or team sports.

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