Sun in the 4th House in Medical Astrology

You were born around midnight and during these quiet hours, the Sun is at its lowest ebb and the night forces are most powerful. It is therefore important that you honour the unconscious and develop a rich inner life.

Your identity is strongly linked to your family heritage and/or home life. You may prefer to stay close to home and can have trouble with the idea of being in the limelight. You are much more comfortable in the background, or working behind the scenes. You enjoy expressing your identity and creativity in the home and in a family setting.

You may need more sleep than the average person, especially when you are under stress. Any lack of emotional support you experience early in life may have a profound effect on your later development. Over time you will learn to honour your inner self and your needs as your confidence grows.

When you do not listen to your feelings and intuition, you can be subjected to stress. You may be prone to stomach upsets, fluid retention or chemical sensitivities. Diet is important, as some of these problems can result from eating the wrong foods. Sometimes you reach for food when emotionally insecure. Learn to give to yourself and find a balance between giving and receiving.

You will come to feel more comfortable with your sensitivity and shyness as you mature and start to develop inner confidence. You are happy when providing a supporting role, but you also like to be in a position of control and to take the initiative on occasion.

For exercise and recreation try walking, water-aerobics, gardening, yoga, golf or anything that you feel particularly drawn to.

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