Sun in the 5th House in Medical Astrology

Your sense of identity is largely about expressing yourself creatively. You have a strong personality and you want to make your mark, not because you are driven by ambition per se, but you just want the creative freedom to express yourself.

You have a strong constitution and most likely do not get sick often; provided you have an outlet for your creativity, you feel confident and happy. Self-expression can take many forms. You may have an artistic gift, or a strong desire to have children, but whatever your passion, you feel that you must be true to yourself and be creative. Sometimes you can be too focussed on yourself.

You are youthful and energetic and may think you will remain so forever. You might need to learn to lessen the pace, particularly as you get older, and especially if you think that you are immune to ageing, but you will probably keep active and involved. You may be prone to seasonal depression in the winter months.

One of your lessons is to let others have the spotlight once in a while. You do not need to be constantly at the centre of things. You might also be tempted to live your life vicariously through your children. Watch for any tendency on your part to become a ‘stage mother’ or ‘football father’. Although interested in what your children create, it is probably not a good idea to force them into activities in which they do not naturally have an interest. Your children will return your generosity, your love and affection if given freely without strings.

You are confident and are probably gifted creatively. You probably enjoy sports and games. Team captain is a role in which you will excel.

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