Sun in the 6th House in Medical Astrology

You are a very hard worker and like to do everything to the best of your ability. Your self-identity is largely determined by your work or job. You may be prone to digestive complaints or assimilation disorders, metabolic problems, or burnout, especially if you feel unhappy in your occupation, or daily routine. Also make sure you watch what you eat, as you may be sensitive to particular foods. Most importantly, find an enjoyable job and change your routine once in a while, which will have an enormously positive effect on your wellbeing.

Your attitude has a large bearing on your overall health and happiness. You often worry about your health and have a tendency towards hypochondria. As you learn to go with the flow of life and discover more about yourself, you will find that you can stop trying to be perfect and just enjoy living. This will improve your general outlook and health. You were born just after sunset, when the Sun’s rays are beginning to retreat at dusk, signifying that you are highly analytical and trying to make sense of your experiences. For this reason, you need to spend time alone on a regular basis, but don’t isolate yourself too much from others. You set very high standards for yourself and like to be self-sufficient, but you can be overly focussed on attaining perfection, which you never reach. Try not to put yourself under so much pressure. Learn to laugh more and make time to relax away from work. Try yoga, golf, Tai Chi or bushwalking.

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