Sun in the 7th House in Medical Astrology

Your sense of identity is largely determined by your relationships with others and your position within the social fabric of your external environment. You may rely on others to discover more about yourself, but you can have trouble looking within. You may need others to motivate you and as you tend to be a keen observer of human nature, you are adept at maintaining social connections and relationships.

Because relationships are important to you, any problems that happen in this area of your life are often a source of stress that can manifest in a range of disorders including: skin problems, eyestrain, urinary tract infections, kidney infections and headaches. You may over-value others and place too much importance on their opinions, or on maintaining relationships, even when they are not working. You may succumb to peer pressure easily.

During periods of stress you often feel pulled in many directions by your commitments and relationships. Avoiding confrontation and trying to keep the peace, can result in undue stress that can manifest in a variety of ways. You might need to learn to give your own needs a higher priority. Be fair on yourself too.

You were born just before sunset and the rays of the Sun were waning. As you were born in this last light of the day, you may feel that somehow you have only a short time to get things done and you can therefore push yourself too much without having enough physical energy reserves. Listen to your body.

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