Sun in the 8th House in Medical Astrology

Through your life you could find that you are subjected to a certain amount of emotional, or psychological pain and stress. You will probably develop a deep understanding of the complexities of life, which may lead you to explore the unconscious and its workings. You have the unique ability to re-invent yourself, like a snake shedding its skin; you can adapt to whatever life throws at you.

You are a survivor and personally identify with the fact that you have undergone certain events and have survived. You are highly sensitive and at the same time tremendously resourceful and strong. This means that you can experience euphoric highs and extreme lows and may therefore develop a deep-seated need to be in control of everything, so you feel you can cope with these ups and downs. But as you move through life you will discover that being in control is really an illusion. For you, the health impacts of stress can include: sexual issues, reproductive problems, constipation and lower back problems. Accepting your feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability may be the first step towards a more open and relaxed approach to living.

Try meditation, massage or yoga. Martial arts training could also be a good option. As you learn more about yourself, you will feel more comfortable with your emotions. Don’t hold on to resentment, or dwell on past hurts. This can take you on a downward spiral that can adversely affect your health. You are able to turn negatives into positives and you have a unique gift for healing. Close emotional ties and intimacy bring ultimate healing, which takes place as you learn to relax and let go. You possess strength and sensitivity in equal measure.

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