Sun in the 9th House in Medical Astrology

You were born during the hottest part of the day. This means that you are highly energetic and are generally keen to be on the go and to be involved. Your energy and vitality are high. Your sense of personal identity is largely determined by having a sense of purpose, or the belief that you have a mission in life. If you lack this sense of purpose, you could feel highly restless and driven to seek inspiration. Your desire for adventure can take you to many places. Be aware that when you rush, you can be accident-prone.

You like to be always doing something and can feel easily bored when there is not much going on. Excess of all kinds can be your worst enemy and can lead to over indulgence that can take its toll on your health in a variety of ways.

Mostly, you have a joyful, youthful attitude, but you can become despondent if you feel trapped, or limited by circumstances. This is especially the case if you lack a sense of purpose. You can feel stressed by taking on responsibilities or having to attend to details and practical matters, but it is not really these issues per se, that are underlying your unease. Once you feel inspired, things fall into place more easily.

The eternal optimist, your youthful and happy-go-lucky attitude will help you to overcome obstacles and maintain your sense of wellbeing. You will be less accident-prone as you learn to pace your enthusiasm. You may be reluctant to slow things down as you get older, and you will be probably retain your youthfulness into your latter years, provided you don’t over do it.

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