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Pisces Horoscope 1


A field of dandelions. Teeming with mass consciousness. You feel yourself to be as anonymous and undifferentiated as you can possibly be. Hiding in this identification is comfortable, cozy, and safe, and it can be prolonged indefinitely. While you wait here with individuality suspended and all of life being right at hand, the most remarkable [...]

Aquarius Horoscope 1


A two-headed calf. Taking a good look at things with an eager eye brings you right into the middle of the dilemma of polarities. As you stand there faced with the different sides, you are impartial; neither side pulls you more sharply than the other. Immense opportunity. Huge challenge. You have vital potential for brilliant [...]

Capricorn Horoscope 1


A canopy bed with curtains. Standing on the inside of life. Protected and guarded, guided and led. Held fast. Kept so far back inside that what does express itself is purely a ceremonial display, a formal declaration. The observer or witness empowered to prevail–able to see, to realize, to comprehend the mysteries. Clairvoyance. Keenly sensing [...]

Sagittarius Horoscope 1


A woman, manacled in solid gold chains. Vividly attached to your own personal limitations, idiosyncrasies, and karmic backlog, you are identified within the strict circle of familiar difficulties, dilemmas, issues, and problems. Habituated to a thick atmosphere of being surrounded and enveloped by all the places you have hung out forever. Immobilized in your will [...]

Scorpio Horoscope 1


A tunnel through a mountain. When darkness comes, you need more darkness if you’re ever going to find the light. As the struggle of Earth existence descends upon you, you must find a way to harness the power of that struggle to turn death into rebirth. But it is so pressurized and absolutely relentless a [...]

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