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Pisces Horoscope 18


White lilies blooming alone in the shade. Gifted with deep and subtle qualities that are germinating in the subconscious and coming into their own. Transported into inner worlds in order to dream, imagine, and conceive from a pure place. Disengaged with phenomenal appearances, staying just apart. Much that goes on here stays under, percolates timelessly. [...]

Aquarius Horoscope 18


An American Indian woman in a canoe. She is gathering wild rice. A free spirit comes in surprising packages. Navigational sophistication veiled by the simple ways of life. Inside the soul, a rich complexity, an astounding grasp of what is happening and what it means, lives on undisturbed. Outwardly, you greatly prefer and gravitate toward [...]

Capricorn Horoscope 18


A black leopard with green eyes. Total intensity of inward and outward endeavor. Goal oriented, plans-intensive. Schematic, premeditated, comprehensive. Elaborately sophisticated at implementing vision in action. Aware of your own position–standing above, seeing it all, and magnificent at putting everything together. An old karmic knack coming in handy. A past master in the arts of [...]

Sagittarius Horoscope 18


Rose petals scattered on a path. Protection, guidance, grace dispensation. Offered a way to move right through the middle of life’s labyrinths and stay straight on. Your innate sanctity preserves you against the play of the opposites, you stay singular, straightforward. Throwing off complications and conundrums, you stick with what is sweet and eternal. Most [...]

Scorpio Horoscope 18


People holding hands around a table. One candle is burning in the middle of the table. Intimate depths of camaraderie. Forces joined by spirit call. Gathering in the name of a greater vision. Pooling resources, tapping what each does best, both inside the self and in soul links with others. Avid to combine forces. The [...]

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