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Pisces Horoscope 23


Someone lurking in a dark wood. They are waiting for a passerby. Imagining and conceiving nefarious plans and designs within the unconscious mind and blanket denial by the conscious mind. The shadows, the dark, the unknown are saturated with menace, trickery, deception, and long-built-up heavy emotions. All of this is too much for the conscious [...]

Aquarius Horoscope 23


Ancient runes carved at random on gray rocks. Learning ultimate things the hard way. You have to put yourself totally into every realm to experience it for yourself, with a zeal for empirical wisdom or the wild edge of the scientific method. The experimental test case is yourself. And you are out there all alone [...]

Capricorn Horoscope 23


An old priest using oil to anoint a carved stone lingam. The masculine life-force brought to its highest expression. The wise, wakeful, fully present activation of the masculine aspect as something to be reckoned with. Formidable and directly impressive. Bearing such a pronounced potency of being that one can readily take charge of any situation. [...]

Sagittarius Horoscope 23

Feet of a Woman Wearing Ghungroo (Traditional Bells) Dancing on a Beach

A woman wearing many tiny bells. Methodology, technique, the how of things. Immersing yourself in the field of new ideas, fresh approaches, and innovative paths, imaginatively and energetically. Exposing yourself to possibilities, visions, ways to evolve. The body’s wisdom musically in touch and in tune, sensing the resonance of cellular awakening. Eager and enthusiastic and [...]

Scorpio Horoscope 23


A collection of dolls. The inside of things takes charge when the ego-self is out of the picture and we are free to go with our fancy. The outer side of things becomes purely symbolic, just one way to do it. When the formative soul has its way, the world is recreated in a different [...]

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