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Progressed Moon in 4th House


The purpose behind any home or family issues that arise will be extensions of one idea: a need to explore what lies within. This exploration will usually take us back to the beginning, back “home” in some way, figuratively and often literally. Like the foundation that supports a home, your foundation, where you come from, [...]

Horoscope Mercury in 4th House


MERCURY IN The FOURTH HOUSE of your nativity will considerably modify this planet’s general influence. I t will bring many changes, especially in business, and you may frequently change your place of residence. You would do better by travelling than by settling down. This position will bring you in touch with occultism or bring you [...]

Horoscope Moon in 4th House


You have strong attachments to your past, the place where you grew up, your heritage, and family traditions. In fact, you may be unable to step out of the habits and roles you learned as a child. Your tie to your mother is very strong and you also seek mothering and protection from your spouse [...]

Sun in 4th House


You plan for the “long run” as part of your basic strategy in life. Your life improves with age because your real personality emerges more and more as you get older. You are interested in having your basic attachments and emotional interests taken care of before focusing your attention on anything else. Once this foundation [...]

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