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Pisces Horoscope 5


Thousands of gold nuggets glistening at the bottom of a clear stream. Subtle senses. You sense the subtle depths of experience and find therein glory, majesty, and divine power. Your eyes inside are open in places others are blind. You are shown the wonders of the deep, yet an immense destiny challenges. For this is [...]

Aquarius Horoscope 5


Humans worshipping an obese nature goddess. The feminine is the most ancient and the most futuristic of source energies. It is far back and near forward. Either or both ways, in source wisdoms or in awakening vision, you cleave to the Mother for inspiration, guidance, and sustenance. Your whole heart and soul are given over [...]

Capricorn Horoscope 5


Tall dark cypress trees in a cemetery. The vertical dimension prevailing completely. Bearing the authority of life, of death, and of the two worlds brought into synthesis, you have the compelling stature of one who has seen life through before and has attained to ripe wisdom and the glory of realization. Standing tall and erect [...]

Sagittarius Horoscope 5


Three women materializing out of a fog. Being mesmerized by your own triple reflection. Casting a huge chunk of your own soul back into the dim past, casting another chunk of your soul into the remote future, and enshrouding the present time chunk of your soul in layer after layer of obscurity and evasiveness. Living [...]

Scorpio Horoscope 5


An Egyptian queen with a braided beard. Bearing intact ancient faculties of an unusual kind. Held between polarities. Fusing together darkness and light, masculine and feminine, earthly and heavenly. An enigma or riddle of destiny. You are motivated to bring together what has been rent asunder by an implacable force of blind determination. Exceedingly resistant [...]

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