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Progressed Moon in 7th House


Many of the astrological houses deal with some form of relating, but a seventh-house progression is specifically geared to help us understand the balance between our partner and ourselves. In the seventh house, we learn how to relate to another person without forgetting who we are, and how to get along with that person through [...]

Horoscope Mercury in 7th House


MERCURY IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE will tend to keep your o mind exercised on matters pertaining to partnerships, marriage and things concerning others more than yourself. Be careful to avoid wrangling or disputes, or you may find yourself involved 10 much disputation and may be drawn into litigation over what may appear to be trifles. [...]

Horoscope Moon in 7th House


You depend a great deal upon other people for emotional support and you have a large “family” of friends that care about you and treat you as kin. The women in your life are particularly important to you, and your relationship with them powerfully influences your sense of security and happiness. You may be overly [...]

Sun in 7th House


You are interested in relationships and you do better in life when you undertake tasks with others rather than pursue them alone. You love to share and you give yourself in great measure to your partner. You must learn not to put your objectives aside just because of your compliant nature. You will be successful [...]

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