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Gemini Sun Aquarius Rising


Here we have a friendly and humorous conversationalist. Aquarius’ magnetism is a good complement to Gemini’s quick-mindedness. So with a good attitude, these people are informative and willing to share what they know—often with a hilarious delivery. The alert awareness of Aquarius rising gives depth and enlightenment to Gemini’s sometimes superficial understanding. And these Geminians [...]

Taurus Sun Aquarius Rising


Aquarius is all about attitudes—BIG attitudes! So these people need to know exactly what they’re projecting. Are they magnetic jokesters, or are they sourpusses? Does the Aquarius personality add electric magnetism to the focus and patience of Taurus? Does it create the most contagious funny bone you’ve ever met? Does it lead the plodding, big [...]

Aries Sun Aquarius Rising


With an “all for one and one for all” attitude, Arians with Aquarius rising are “on deck, at attention” team players, genuinely well liked and often quite popular among their peers. Their friendly magnetism keeps them completely connected and in good favor. They’re often on the city council or wearing a uniform of some kind, [...]

Horoscope Neptune in Aquarius


Neptune’s entrance into Aquarius brings deep interest in humanitarian causes. There is a tendency to messianic feelings of social and economic reconstruction, perhaps an inclination toward dubious methods of accomplishing worthwhile goals (an “ends justify the means” attitude). There will be a challenge to understand your true friends apart from manipulative and deceptive acquaintances. Watch [...]

Horoscope Uranus in Aquarius


You know instinctively that your individual genius requires a mass expression, that there is no personal freedom for anyone till everyone is free, and that no individual can be happier than the sum total of his society is happy. You are the lamplighters of the new birth of freedom in the hour of the world’s [...]

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