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Aquarius Sun Pisces Rising


These gentle-hearted Aquarians are whimsically serene—and sometimes exotic!—on the outside, but they might be nervous wrecks deep down. Still, with the most silently shrewd and gentle personality of all teamed up with the electric funny-bone, they sometimes earn wealth and fame. There’s an alluring magnetism here and possibly a photogenic quality that adds to the [...]

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Rising


These are the best grinners and grippers in the zodiac! A friendly smile and a firm handshake puts them in good standing with the people they meet. But when it’s double Aquarius, attitude is doubly important! Aquarius’ friendly, electric, magnetic side has more potential with Aquarius rising than with any other rising sign—but it takes [...]

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Rising


These people play by the rules. If it’s not in the book, we’re not doing it that way! They’re bureaucrats who believe in the system. And as is usually the case with sober, responsible Capricorn, they do what’s expected, plus. There’s no need to go looking for these folks—they’re right where they always are: at [...]

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Rising


Friendly, electric, “Gee, I kinda like that guy” Aquarius coupled with the winner of the zodiac? There’s so much positive energy here it’s almost unfair! Magnetic Aquarians never looked better than they do with a winning smile and an encouraging word. These people set a great example for those less fortunate or those with less [...]

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Rising


With an intense, Mysterious Scorpio personality and an on-guard alertness, these people are always vigilant, on their toes, and ready for anything. They show up full of purpose and generally have a “come hell or high water” attitude. They’re not very tolerant, but when Aquarians born around midnight channel their energy in positive directions, they’re [...]

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