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Horoscope Aries 3rd Decanate


PERSEUS, with the wings of thought on his feet, the helmet of courage on his head, armed with the sword of righteousness, protected by the shield of beneficence, and holding the blood-dripping head of Medusa in one hand,pictures the third decanate of Aries. The sub-rulership of Jupiter diverts the aggressive energies somewhat into religious and [...]

Horoscope Aries 2nd Decanate


The second decanate of Aries is pictured in the sky by ERIDANUS—the River of Life—flowing from the never-failing fountain of perpetual youth. Here we find the severity of Mars tempered by the magnanimity of the Sun, which has sub-rulership over this decanate. It is the Leo section of Aries. And as Leo is natural ruler [...]

Horoscope Aries 1st Decanate


To picture the possibilities of the first decanates of the zodiac the masters of old traced in the sky a starry triangle. This constellation TRIANGULUM symbolizes the divine fire that those born under the first decanate of Aries have the capacity to inhale. When living in their highest they are true leaders in thought; for [...]

Aries Sun Aries Rising


Buckle up and hold onto your hat if you’ve a mind to keep up with these people. And if you can’t keep up at the gym, don’t hang around them! These hard-body peacocks are obviously pleased with the impressive physique they work so energetically to maintain. And even if they’re not well-proportioned and physically fit, [...]

Aries Horoscope 14-15


The planet that rules the degree by term: Mercury The planet that rules the degree by face: Sun whether the degree is masculine or feminine according to Lilly’s ‘Two necessary TABLES of the Signs, fit to be understood by every ASTROLOGER or Practitioner’: masculine whether the degree is light, dark, smokey, or void according to [...]

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