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Lilith in 7th House

The Dark Love

The axis of the first and seventh house represents the relationship “I – You”. While in one of these houses, the Dark Moon does not establish a balance between the two. In the seventh house of the Black Moon prevents harmonious interaction with people and the establishment of stable and long-term relationships, including marriage. It [...]

Lilith in 5th House


The axis of the fifth and eleventh houses symbolize the relationship between the creative expression of the individual and group activities. Lilith in the fifth house distorts human creative expression. It affects the desire to be seen and appreciated in society, leisure and entertainment, to have children and the relationship with them, determines the nature [...]

Lilith in 4th House


The axis of the fourth and tenth houses symbolizes the house and the profession, the interaction of personal and social life. In the fourth house the distortion caused by the action of the Black Moon it’s inherited from parents instincts, innate qualities and skills of the subconscious. Black Moon affects the situation in the family [...]

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