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Pisces Sun Cancer Rising


So much depends on how wisely objective these people are about themselves and their circumstances. There’s a lot of totally subjective watery emotion here that can quickly turn in on itself, so if they’re unable to stand off and see themselves in context they’re apt to be too influenced by the opinions of others. Pisceans [...]

Aquarius Sun Cancer Rising


Here’s a cautious personality with a strong Aquarian ego. The emotional sensitivity of Cancer is likely to obscure a lot of the classic Aquarius qualities, so these might be people who don’t obviously resemble their Aquarius sun sign. There’s less contention and egotism here, and Cautious Cancer often leads these Aquarians away from the typically [...]

Capricorn Sun Cancer Rising


Are you ready for this? It’s a Capricorn with a sensitive touch and an obviously obliging concern for others—and on a good day, they’re even nurturing! These Capricorns are as in-charge as ever, but they have Cancer’s feel-their-way-along home and hearth quality that keeps them in good favor with a tightly-knit circle of family, friends, [...]

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Rising


Sagittarius’ downwind perceptiveness blends terrifically with Cautious Cancer’s feel-your-way-along. These folks have a graceful gentility about them that’s simply awesome, and an uncanny ability to merge their perceived understanding with their subconscious “women’s intuition” to come up with the most helpful insights about people and things. And there are other Sagittarius qualities that blend well [...]

Scorpio Sun Cancer Rising


Here’s “still waters run deep,” for sure! Cancer’s “feel my way along” blends well with Scorpio’s “look for the hidden meaning.” There’s a lot of introspection and uncertainty here. These people keep most of their emotions under wraps. They hold onto their experiences and aren’t quick to share what’s on their mind. When the Cancer [...]

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