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Capricorn Horoscope 2016


This year you will feel a need to reassess goals for the future. The goals you presently hold are no longer practical in light of new situations you are moving into or new information you are receiving. They are outdated either because of external changes in your environment or internal changes in your personality. Perhaps [...]

Gemini Sun Capricorn Rising


There’s much more orderliness here than with other Geminians. This is a responsible personality coupled with a quick and efficient ego. So “do what’s expected, plus!” is the name of the game. As children, these people act older than their years, taking a serious approach to most things and happy to be helpful. They’re in [...]

Taurus Sun Capricorn Rising


Combine common sense with a business-is-business personality, and you get a powerfully practical person who can make things happen. Taureans with Capricorn rising are the business-people who have the goods their competitors only wish they had, and they drive a hard bargain in selling them. They’re the people in charge: serious honchos who know that [...]

Aries Sun Capricorn Rising


Arians with Capricorn rising are ship-shape, by-the-book, and disciplined, the trusted “keeper of the keys.” They’re never the mouse at play while the cat’s away; they won’t leave early when the boss is out of town. They’re competitive hard-bodies not only in their attitude, but sometimes physically, as well. And it’s a bit difficult to [...]

Horoscope Neptune in Capricorn


This combination resembles footprints in the sand: visible until the tide washes the beach clean. Strong intuition in business matters, even real genius, is qualified by possible miserliness and a penchant for fuzzy-headed schemes (the motives of which are always mixed). A barrage of leveraged buy-outs has sent the corporate world into a dither, and [...]

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