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Pisces Child


Pisces baby lives in a dream world, where there are elves, fairies and magic trees. He is somewhat different from the other babies, he will never shout, scream or throw tantrums for getting things done. He has a better tactic up his sleeve; he will charm you into agreeing for whatever he wants. Even after [...]

Aquarius Child


An Aquarius child is a sort of puzzle for his parents. He is sensitive, adamant, a little shaky, ingenious and impulsive, all at the same time. It becomes a little difficult to decide whether he is an extremely crazy youngster or an exceedingly intelligent prodigy. He may turn out to be the next Einstein or [...]

Capricorn Child


Capricorn child has maturity way beyond his age. He may, at times, put you to shame, when you try to do the typical baby talk with him. Right from his childhood, he will be determined and positive in whatever he does. He is not the one to throw unnecessary tantrums, but he will be able [...]

Sagittarius Child


A Sagittarius child will be very friendly from a very tender age itself. You will see him waving at people enthusiastically, wishing that they would love him for what he is. His small little heart will break from disappointment if someone doesn’t wave back. He will be like a small clown, who is jovial, pleasant [...]

Scorpio Child


A Scorpio child will usually have a stronger body than the rest of the kids. It is just perfect to support his much stronger will. He will never play or compete just for the heck of it. The aim of winning is always the main reason for it and he will never compromise on this [...]

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