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Pisces Employee


The abilities of the Piscean employee depend entirely on which pond he swims in. He can be such a miserable misfit in an incompatible occupation or career that he drifts from one place to another, until he eventually realizes that he’s better off going it alone with his own dreams for company. To work successfully [...]

Aquarius Employee


You shouldn’t have any trouble spotting your Aquarian em­ployee. He’s the one with all the friends. You know, the one who forgot his brief case this morning-the same man who casually dropped in your office last month to borrow your fountain pen and left behind a production idea which has saved your company $30,000 in [...]

Capricorn Employee


Look around the office and see if you can spot him. No fair sneaking a look at the birthdays in your personnel records. You can forget about that original, creative fellow with the bushy sideburns and the antler tooth necklace. You can also cross off the sport who brags about his pub cruising capers and [...]

Sagittarius Employee


Lots of employees, when you tell them how much money they can make after a year with the firm, plus the financial incentives after five years’ service, show a great deal of interest. Your Sagittarius employee will not. He’s far more fascinated by what you’re going to pay him now-today. Tomorrow is far enough away, [...]

Scorpio Employee


Offhand, who would you say is the one person in your office who is the most self-contained? Which employee seems to have the most inner confidence, without being obvious about it, the steadiest eyes, the least excuses and the most poise? If there’s someone on the staff with those qualities, does he give you the [...]

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