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Pisces Sun Gemini Rising


A peaceful, “don’t rock the boat” Pisces with a chatty, “icing on the cake” personality and a willingness to take charge and give direction—now that’s a special set of characteristics! Most take-charge types are more intimidating than these folks, but here there’s a craving for open dialogue with everyone, whether it’s their underlings or the [...]

Aquarius Sun Gemini Rising


If these quick-minded, chatty-faced Aquarians emphasize the “best foot forward,” funny-bone side of their Aquarius ego, they’ll entertain and fascinate people with cordial conversation and be adored and appreciated. “Gee, I kinda like that guy” never worked out better than it does with congenial, interesting Gemini rising. The stiffness of Aquarius benefits tremendously from a [...]

Capricorn Sun Gemini Rising


An “icing on the cake” sincere and glib personality is a fine fit for these Wise Old Goats; they become more disarming and approachable, with lots to say. These Capricorns are those wonderfully communicative people who are always willing to share the reasons behind their decisions, leaving no room for confusion or resentment. There’s an [...]

Sagittarius Sun Gemini Rising


Sweet, optimistic Sagittarius, born at obliging, “I don’t wanna be alone” dinnertime, with an “icing on the cake” Jitterbug Gemini personality. What’s not to like here? These are among the most pleasant, “people pleasing” individuals on the planet. They’re always aware of how they’re being received and are magicians at adjusting themselves to whatever situation [...]

Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising


Here come some insightful, focused Scorpios with an inquisitive, chatty-faced personality that people open up to automatically because they’re so non-threatening. People end up sharing their life story before they know it. These Scorpios show a sincere interest in others and ask questions constantly. They love their information hot off the press and, whenever possible, [...]

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